Rolando Benito series

by INGER GAMMELGAARD MADSEN has been published in 14 volumes. The first volume in the series Dukkebarnet was published in 2008, and since then there has been a new book every year.

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"The Vegan"

The 14th volume of the Rolando Benito series now released.

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The Rolando Benito series also published in Germany

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Serialized Project

  in collaboration with the publisher Lindhardt and Ringhof

(Outside the Rolando Benito series)

Brændende skyld (Burning guilt), read more >>>

Sanitøren (The Cleaner), read more  >>>

Burning guilt and The Cleaner is also published in :

English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Duch, Icelandic, Polish, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Italian,  Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Swahili.

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Brændende skyld (Burning guilt)

Sanitøren (The Cleaner)

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Also published as books in danish