Dødens sommer

(The summer of death)


Police Commissioner Rolando Benito from East Jutland Police has bought a summer house on the coast in Ebeltoft with a view of the small island of Hjelm in the Kattegat and is looking forward to a good, long summer holiday with the family. The summer house just needs to be renovated first. While cleaning out a shed, Roland's daughter finds a small wooden chest. The chest contains pictures and old letters saved by the previous owner of the house, a fisherman, as well as newspaper clippings about three fishermen who disappeared within two weeks in the summer four years ago and were never found. The letters give Rolando an insight into the tragic life of a young woman on Hjelm back in the 50s, when the island was inhabited. Roland becomes interested in the fate of the young woman and her daughter and in this connection discovers that there are several terrible secrets hidden in the cottage that cannot stand the light of day.