Inger Gammelgaard Madsen:

Dukkebarnet (Doll Child)

2008. 368 pages.

ISBN 978-87-993663-6-1

Forlaget Farfalla.

The 1st volume in the Rolando Benito series.

The Baby Doll/Dukkebarnet is a story about the misfortunes that may occur when children chat on the internet. Nobody knows what lurks behind a mail address.

One rainy, muggy summer a ten-year-old girl is found murdered in a trash dumpster in the Aarhus suburb Brabrand. Italian-born detective sergeant Roland Benito with the East Jutland Police is assigned to the case. So is Anne Larsen, a journalist working for the paper News of Today/Dagens Nyheder, and freelance photographer Kamilla Holm, who is trying to come to terms with a tragic incident in her own life.

The murder case is further complicated by the sudden disappearance of the dead girl’s friend and by the fact that both girls turn out to be members of a chat page on the internet and have been lying about their age.