DBC librarian’s review: "Rolando Benito is a positive acquaintance with his calm disposition and his thorough approach to (crime) cases. He never skips over where the fence is lowest, or leaves it to his

colleges  to get to the bottom of the investigation, even if he is on holiday. "The Rolando Benito series" is highly recommended - well written, interesting and with current themes".

Krimi-Cirklen: 💎💎💎💎💎💎
There are several things you can always count on when you sit down with a new work from Inger Gammelgaard Madsen. Namely, solid excitement from the top. It's not just excitement, it's also books that are thoroughly worked out from start to finish, regardless of whether it applies to the razor-sharp environments that (the author very naturally knows and uses optimally) and the character descriptions ".


DBC librarian’s review“ A well-composed and exciting crime story that keeps the reader captivated from start to finish. Alongside the plot about the missing women, there are flashbacks from a young guy's hard life. It all finally comes together in a rousing ending".

Krimi-Cirklen: 💎💎💎💎💎💎

"Another captivating work from Gammelgaard Madsen."


DBC librarian’s review“A well-composed and exciting crime story, where everyone has secrets that are elegantly uncovered along the way and tie the threads together in a surprising plot. A crime novel that is impossible to put down ”.

Krimi-Cirklen: 💎💎💎💎💎💎

“For the undersigned, there is no doubt that Inger Gammelgaard Madsen with Fartdjævlen serves one of her best detective stories to date. It's gradually becoming her landmarks. The plot is well constructed, so is the environment and the motley gallery of characters, and it all takes place at a breathtaking and captivating pace. The conclusion is clear, Inger Gammelgaard Madsen is just getting better. And the present book is an excellent example of that.


DBC librarian’s review“Entertaining and well-written crime story. Well seen by the author to use current topics, such as animal welfare and activism as exciting ingredients ”.

Litteratursiden: "Another excellent crime story starring Rolando Benito – perhaps even the best".

Krimi-Cirklen: 💎💎💎💎💎💎 "– it's Inger Gammelgaard Madsen when she is at her very best".


DBC librarian’s review“Scary, exciting and entertaning crime novel  that is difficult to escape from, when turning the first page”.

Litteratursiden: "The tension curve is upward from first to last page, and the bulletproof plot is 

well composed.  As usual, the author has chosen a socially relevant topic on which both action and cause lean on and it always makes the stories more harrowing and  it is easy to imagine that it could be reality”.

Krimi-Cirklen: 💎💎💎💎💎💎 "Although it is the 13th Rolando Benito crime novel, there are no

hesitation. Inger Gammelgaard has again delivered excitement and with a devilish good and gripping plot".


DBC librarian’s review: “One of the author's best books to date. As a reader you are really well-entertained and you identify yourself with the story, which is very well-written and scary ”.

Krimi-Cirklen: 💎💎💎💎💎💎 "The street priest is one of the very best crime novels in the dozen. Inger Gammelgaard Madsen has done great research and on this information constructed a very thoughtful and realistic plot. There are 6 distinguished diamonds".

Litteratursiden: It is one of the best crimes of the year so far, focusing on real events that should not be forgotten”.


DBC librarian’s review: "Terrifyingly and extremely well-written crime novel, which keeps the reader trapped at the very edge of the chair. A scary plot that both entertains and keep captivating from start to finish ".

Krimi-Cirklen: "As usual the author, with book number 11, once again gives good entertainment and excitement of high class".

Litteratursiden: "The crime scene itself is one of the best in the series, and it was not easy to put the book away  when I first started. Really exciting and extremely successful written with several twists that completely took my breath. Well-composed plot  all the way. The language is as usual floating and readable, so it's all through a very good reading experience".

Krimihjerte: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "The plot is characterized by a lot of research and is really well thought out. It's only at the end that you as a reader discover who the killer is. It's both credible and realistic. The people are really well and realistically described".


Krimi-Cirklen: "It is one of the very best thrillers, which can easily measure up with the biggest international thriller authors. A huge research work has been done that makes the book's theme very realistic. The environments are as usual credible, the same is the the characters".

Litteratursiden: "In a time when there is a terrorist attack somewhere nearly daily, the history is badly current. The novel has a very creepy and realistic plot of a terrorist cell in Denmark, which hits both Aarhus and Copenhagen. It's a complete story with a surprising and thoughtful ending".


DBC librarian’s review: "Well-written crime storie from Aarhus with current issues and a well-thought-out and well-functioning action course. For those who like a good crime storie".

Krimi-Cirklen: "Blood rain is definitely one of the best crime stories written by Inger Gammelgaard Madsen. In an authentic, exciting and credible way she once again makes a puzzle where all the pieces fit. We strongly recommend Blood rain".

Litteratursiden:  ”The language is as always flowing and flowering. Inger Gammelgaard Madsen has a lovely straightforward way of writing. The person gallery is well known, although Rolando is missing as a criminal assistant. The police officers and other regular characters just fill in enough to feel that they are familiar and looking forward to read more about their lives, but not so much that it takes the focus from the issues and the police work. A really nice balance ".


DBC librarian’s review:  "A story with meaning and moral / ethical dilemmas ... The book is carried by interesting subjects, people and environments, a meaningful and easily readable crime ..."

Media I Morron I Dag, Sweden: "In Judge and Executioner - the  eighth book about the crime assistant Rolando Benito, born in Italy - Gammelgaard Madsen continues to create reality fiction (child crime, police violence, private justice). The drives in her story shows that she can become the next great international crime writer from Denmark".

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Føtex Mood Magazine: ”Super crime novel with action ... Be warned though: you just want to read all the previous books".

Krimi-Cirklen: "Inger Gammelgaard Madsen takes taboo subject up about who has the right to be both judge and executioner. It is again an exciting and compelling story. The author understands once again to present one surprise after another before finally to launch the big surprise where the mask is torn by the perpetrators. Tip top solid entertainment from beginning to end".


DBC librarian’s review: “Gammelgaard Madsen writes well, and her research seems good… A fine and well-researched crime story in a series that develops qualitywise”.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Føtex Mood Magazine: “Warning: if you suffer from arachnophobia, fasten your seat belt before take off because this book is creepy-crawly”.

Krimi‑Cirklen: “When you start on a new book from Inger Gammelgaard Madsen, you are always guaranteed pure, exciting entertainment. And her unique descritions of characters and environments make the story credible and authentic. And already now we can look forward to the 8th book in the series, Dommer og bøddel (Judge and Executioner), which will come out in 2015”.


DBC librarian’s review: “A crime story with current topics and facts providing the background setting for an exciting plot…”

Krimi-Cirklen: “Another fine and realistic plot launched by Inger Gammelgaard Madsen, and it is good all the way through. Pleasantly thrilling in the heat of summer“.


DBC librarian’s review: “Well written and exciting all the way through with a good drive and a fine plot. As a person you are left with a feeling of disgust in the recognition of how easy it is to steal somebody’s identity and completely ruin that person’s life”.

Krimi-Cirklen: “For the fifth time, Inger Gammelgaard Madsen shows that she can invent an exciting story as well as a realistic plot. She is writing her way into the elite of Danish crime literature. That is certain!”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Krimifan: ”A really good and exciting book which gives you something to think about – how much you use Facebook and what you post about yourself. It is a book which it is hard to put down, and it is also difficult to figure out what actually happens to Sara. I rate it four out of five”.


Krimi-Cirklen: “Plotwise, Under skriftesegl (Sealed Confession) is both exciting and interesting, and the different settings are depicted sharply and well. Probably the best of Inger Gammelgaard Madsen’s four crime novels so far”.

DBC librarian’s review: ”The specific local colour of Aarhus can also be found in the work of authors such as Elsebeth Egholm and Inger Wolf, and, incidentally, readers of Sara Blædel and Liza Marklund will feel well entertained by this crime story as well”.


The library recommends: ”An exciting Danish crime story that you cannot put down – a crime story in a class by itself. The book is very exciting and well-written. The characters are described in such a way that the reader finds it easy to understand their situation and their often hard fate. You are well entertained from start to finish”.

Egedal Bibliotekerne (Egedal Library)

Krimi-Cirklen: “…Once again Inger Gammelgaard Madsen serves up a well-designed crime mystery with a fine and well thought out plot”.

DBC librarian’s review: "Traditional, entertaining excitement for insatiable readers of Nordic crime stories”.


The library recommends: ”An exciting book which is hard to put down”.

Mariager Fjord Bibliotekerne (Nariager Fjord Library)

Kochs Krimier: ”The plot is complex and enjoyable, and there are many original ideas in Roland’s investigation as well as in Anne’s research”.

Krimi-Cirklen: ““In some of the chapters, it is slowly uncovered what caused the killer to commit his crimes ... an exciting and spell-binding crime story with fine descriptions of environment and characters”.

DBC librarian’s review: ”Exciting crime story from Aarhus in a well-known style that works well. There are clues pointing to a very welcome sequel”.


“DBC librarian’s review:“ ...another possible crime princess”.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Krimifan: “The book is never dull or transparent, nor is it that easy to figure out who the murderer is. Parallel with the crime and the solving of it, we follow a budding love story. A love that could be beautiful and deserved but which makes the reader’s insides ache because you know that it is bound to end in disaster!”

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

RUNDT OM BOGEN/About the book: ”Roland, Anne and Kamilla are some of the characters we meet in Inger Gammelgaard Madsen’s debut Dukkebarnet (The Baby Doll) which I warmly recommend. It is well-written, has excellent descriptions of the characters and a subject of great current interest. I certainly hope the writer will continue to write”.

Kochs Krimier:  "The plot is well thought out, and there is a good, convincing description of how Benito and his men finally arrive at an understanding of the facts of the case. And the story is exciting with a good climax at the end. I congratulate Inger Gammelgaard Madsen on an excellent and valuable first crime story”.

ÅRHUS STIFTSTIDENDE: "The chapters follow each other in such a way that focus switches between the main characters, and often a chapter ends with a small cliff hanger. This gives the reader something to ponder about as well as drive to the story. In other words: The writer has a good grip of her material and the rather complex connections between the main and secondary story lines.”

“If you like a crime story of pure excitement and action, Dukkebarnet (The Baby Doll) will live up to your demands”.

ANISTON.DK - online life style magazine for women: ”Dukkebarnet (The Baby Doll) is a book that I can certainly recommend for the cold, dark days soon ahead of us. Not only does it have fantastic descriptions of character and a subject of great current interest, it is also a very well-written book. Furthermore the story takes place, not in a strange city in a foreign country, but in good, old Aarhus and its vicinity. It being so close to home does not only add to the excitement, it also makes you wonder, what if…?”

Zara Kaufmann