Mason Teilmann series

Mason Teilmann is the American answer to Rolando Benito.

The series, which is a trilogy, is written for Audible as "Original" in collaboration with
SAGA, Lindhardt and Ringhof.
1st book: "The Voice From the Ground" has been published digitally in 2021 in
French, Italian, German and English and in Danish in 2022.

2nd book: "The Black Bracelet" was published in German in 2023 and in Danish in 2024.

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Published in French, Italian, German and English

"The Black Bracelet"

Book 2:

Homicide detective Mason Teilmann's years-long search for a notorious serial killer threatens to consume his life and tear his world apart.

Mason's instincts are immediately awakened when the National Cyber ​​Crime Center uncovers a website linked to a pedophile trafficking ring.

The investigation leads him to Gayson Lopez, better known as The Wolf: a name that has haunted Mason since his time on the New Orleans police force.

Secrets are revealed and trust is broken. Will Mason prevail or will evil triumph?

"The Voice From the Ground"

Book 1:

A child gone missing, a police officer plagued by his past, and an interesting case waiting to be solved...

Following an argument with her older brother, 7-year-old Lilly Danielsen takes the family dog for a walk. But when she doesn't return home, her mum starts to worry. Has she not returned because of lingering anger, or has something more sinister happened to her?

American police officer Mason Teilmann is enjoying a more relaxing job at the Central and West Jutland Police than he did back in his native New Orleans, where he worked as a Child Homicide Detective.

However, he is still haunted by spectres from his past, even though his Danish wife has tried her best to help him move on. When he is assigned the case of Lilly Danielsen's disappearance, he ends up needing all his US training and experience. But unpleasant memories are still creeping back in...

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"Burning guilt" and "The Cleaner"

Serialized Project

  in collaboration with the publisher Lindhardt and Ringhof

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"Burning guilt" and "The Cleaner" is also published in :

English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Duch, Icelandic, Polish, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Italian,  Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Swahili.

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Johan Boje, a police assistant for Mid- and Western Jutland dies after being hit by a speeding car outside his home one late night in March. His boss, Alex Borg, is one of the firsts to arrive at the scene of the crime. It quickly dawns on him that this is not a simple case of hit-and-run, but rather a very brutal murder. Boje's nine-year-old son claims he saw the car, and that it was a police officer behind the wheel. Is it the just the traumatized boy's imagination playing tricks? A gas station's surveillance camera confirms the son's story – someone in a police uniform was driving the car that fatal night.

Rolando Benito, an investigator at the Police Complaints Authority, is put on the case. Which one of Johan Boje's colleagues had a motive to go to such extremes? Rolando Benito teams up with Anne Larsen, a journalist for TV2 East Jutland. They follow the tracks back to a fire, that had major consequences for a local family. Maybe the fire was not an accident? It seems to Anne and Rolando that the motive might be quite different than they had first expected. The hunt is now on to find the perpetrator before he strikes again.

Bertram and his three friends have formed a small gang of thieves called The Ravens. He lives alone with his mom, who works as a waitress. He doesn´t remember his father much, as the latter was arrested for murder and sentenced to life imprisonment when Bertram was only seven years old. One day, Bertram steals an expensive "Schott Made in USA" leather jacket from a restaurant, which will have fatal consequences, and not just for Bertram.

Rolando Benito, an investigator at the Police Complaints Authority, and his colleague are sent out to question two police officers. A prison guard has jumped out of his window on the fourth floor, just as the two officers were pulling up, after a noise complaint had been made for loud music coming out of his apartment. As the prison guard is the father of Rolando grandchild's school friend, he hears a rumour that a prisoner has died in the prison the man worked in, and that the prison guard had felt threated and persecuted.

Is it in fact not a suicide case at all? Anne Larsen, a journalist for TV2 East Jutland, is also on the case. Everyone seems to be connected to one prisoner, the murderer Patrick Asp, who killed his own infant baby and is a prisoner in the jail the prison guard worked at. As more mysterious deaths pile up, and a Supreme Court judge disappears without a trace, Rolando Benito and Anne Larsen team up in search of a connection. That link turns out to be Bertram and the theft of the jacket, and now Anne's head in on the line as well.